Maritime Safety Training

Sea Safety Training Group (Pty) Ltd. is committed to preserve life by focusing on excellent maritime safety training. No student will be left behind, and we will not be satisfied with sub-standard achievements. To this end, we will promote safety at sea through quality maritime safety training, efficient safety systems, general task guidance, and the supply of necessary safety equipment. With this mindset, we address maritime safety training with a passion to make a difference in the lives of our local maritime community, and that of our international clientele as we expand globally. We believe that maritime training should be as realistic as possible, and we do so by recreating real-world circumstances in a safe and professionally supervised environment.

A Word from Our CEO

Leon - Sea Safety Training Group CEOGive a man a fish and he is fed for one day… teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. Our passion is to empower individuals with the ability to safely and effectively perform their tasks on board. We strive to enhance the safety of the maritime industry, and increase job opportunities by forging close partnerships with various key organisations such as SAMSA, SAIMI, TVET Colleges, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Operation Phakisa and several recruitment agencies. We also actively participated in the development of the new QCTO National Occupational Certificates, based on the SAMSA code. In short, we are invested in your future for the long haul!

We have a specialised team to ensure that you receive the best service possible:

Sea Safety Training Group (PTY) Ltd. Company Structure


  • Leon Mouton
  • Ivan Mouton
  • Cpt Dave Reid
  • Danie Badenhorst
  • Titania Stefanus Zincke

Chief Executive Officer

Leon Mouton

Personal Assistant

Executive: Training Centres and Shared Services
(Finance, IT, HR and Physical Resources):

Danie Badenhorst

Executive: Strategic Development
(Training, Quality, Funding):


Training Centres

Core Staff:
Courses and Services:
Cpt Bill Denier
Cpt Dave Reid
Ivan Mouton
Leon Mouton
Devon Wild
Edwin Lubbe
Garth Gordon-Davis
Bernadine Mons
Pieter Grove
Walter Bird
Leighsel Coetzee

Gaby Olivier
Dione Walters (Reception)

Finance Admin:
Tinka Conradie
Yvette Wessels

Fire Watch:
Johan Le Roux

Cleaning Services:
Sinisio Bailey
Johan Maarman

ETQA Manager:

Garth Gordon-Davis

Risk Management

Safety Audits

Business Development


ST = St. Helena Bay
CT = Cape Town
DBN = Durban
MB = Mossel Bay
PE = Port Elizabeth

Fishing Industry Safety Systems

Training alone is not always enough to keep ‘us’ safe and as such, the Sea Safety Training Group has developed a unique Safety Management Systems (SMS) specifically for the fishing industry and for procedures on-board fishing vessels. Leon Mouton (our Group CEO), as a ‘Master’ in the Fishing Industry and with years of experience, developed this SMS specifically to aid fishermen and to safeguard their lives and fishing vessels.

Leon understands fishermen, their lives, their difficulties and their constraints, but during the course of his training he has also come to understand the importance of maritime safety and this drove his passion to help others to be safe at sea.

Consultancy & Maritime Services

Our Maritime Services are carefully thought through and structured not only to provide maritime training, but to provide the support systems necessary to help our clients keep up with changing legislation. Other than our General Maritime Consultancy Service we also offer a host of other specialised services (eg. Fire Watch, Safety Watch, Vessel Risk Audits and more). Let us lead the way, empowering your vessels with competent crews and a superb supporting safety system to ensure that your assets are protected and that you keep landing you catch safely.