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Electronic Navigation Systems (non STCW) Course

Course Description: Electronic Navigation Systems (ENS) is one of our simulation courses where we teach learners how to use Electronic Navigation Systems to navigate safely. We concentrate on collision avoidance in restricted visibility making use of all available resources, particularly radar equipment and radar plotting. We offer three levels in ENS namely: Management, Operational and Non STCW Level. We have recently added ENS Operational Level Fishing.

Duration: 5 Days

Entry Requirements: Mathematics at Grade 10 or previous ENS or any Certificate of Competence or proof of Chartwork completed.

Learning Objectives: The SAMSA matrix prescribes that the learner should have the following knowledge and practical skills at the end of the course:

  • Conduct a safe passage
  • Use of radar to maintain safety of navigation
  • Use of radar in SAR operations
  • Use of electronic navigation equipment
  • Use echo sounders
  • Use speed logs
  • Operate basic radar equipment
  • Obtain the ship’s position using satellite navigation equipment
  • Use the radar set as an aid to navigation
  • Use radar for collision avoidance
  • Knowledge and application of the International Regulations for the Prevention Of Collisions at Sea 1972

Additional Requirements: Simulation adds realism to the course as all events take place in real time, but in the safety of a training environment. We include a light lunch with this course. Certificate is valid for a life-time.

Accreditation: Accreditation through SAMSA. STCW 78 as amended in 2010 with the Manila amendments.

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