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Fishing Deck Officer of vessels under 24 meters

  • Skipper>24m
  • Skipper<24m

Course Description: This course will prepare the learner to safely perform a Navigational watch in Coastal Waters inside the 200 mile limit as a Deck officer of a Fishing vessel under 24 meters.

The course subjects will provide the learner with the necessary skills to act responsibly onboard his vessel and to effectively make decisions regarding the safety of his vessel, crew and the environment during his Navigational watch.

At the end of this course learners will know how to safely operate a fishing vessel in Coastal Waters dealing with crew, weather, emergencies and various other factors influencing his decision-making in situations he might experience during his watch.

Duration: 35 Days

Entry Requirements: Consist of, but are not limited to, SAMSA medical certificate, eyesight test, seaman’s book and sea service.  Proof of ancillary courses to be provided, or alternatively attended at SSTG.  English proficiency is a must, with Mathematics and Science at Grade 12 (between 50 and 60%) as beneficial.

SAMSA Classifications: Fishing Deck Officer < 24m or Fisherman GRD 4WK, Fishing Deck Officer > 24m or Fisherman GRD 3

Learning Objectives: The SAMSA matrix prescribes that the learner should have the following knowledge and practical skills at the end of the course:

  • Chartwork
  • Electronic Navigation System (ENS)
  • Naval Architecture (Fishing)
  • Ship’s Power Plants
  • Personnel Management and Ship’s Master’s Business (Fishing)
  • Marine Environmental Studies
  • Ship Manoeuvring and Handling
  • Fishing Safety
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Maritime Communications
  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Security Awareness

Additional Requirements: We include a light lunch with this course.

Accreditation: SAMSA application in progress as per proposed STCW-F.

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Qualify to perform the duties of a Deck officer on Fishing vessels under 24 meters.

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