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Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS) Course – STCW A – IV/2

Course Description: Global Maritime Distress Systems is a Radio Operators course that entitles a successful learner to efficiently operate GMDSS equipment. He/she will have primary responsibilities to operate communications during Distress incidents.

We teach this course using a state-of-the-art 8 station POSEIDON touch-screen simulator, thus adding realism to our training techniques and making this course a memorable one. The course will cover the following topics: The GMDSS structure, SAR, MSI, VHF and MF/HF installations, DSC, Maintenance on radios and antennas, Distress procedures, Urgency and Safety messages, Maritime Mobile Satellite Services, INMARSAT A, B and C, Fleet 77, NAVTEX, Coast stations, Ship stations, Telex, Frequencies, Watch keeping.

Duration: 10 Days

Entry Requirements: None

Learning Objectives: The SAMSA matrix prescribes that the learner should have the following knowledge and practical skills at the end of the course:

  • Ship’s Antennas
  • CFR regulations and traffic procedures
  • Distress Signals and Distress Traffic
  • Urgency transmissions
  • Safety transmissions
  • DSC- Digital Selective Calling
  • DSC procedures for VHF-MF and HF
  • INMARSAT-Fleet 77
  • Radio Telex
  • Maritime Safety Information under the GMDSS
  • Emergency radio beacons
  • SART-Search and Rescue Transponders-Portable VHF Transceivers
  • Power supplies
  • Maritime Mobile Traffic charges
  • False Alerts in the GMDSS
  • The role of the RCC in the GMDSS

Additional Requirements: Retraining is required, and a refresher is advisable to experienced officers or proof of 1 year sea service to be submitted to SAMSA for revalidation. We include a light lunch with this course.

Accreditation: Accreditation through SAMSA. STCW 78 as amended in 2010 with the Manila amendments.

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Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems (GMDSS) Training

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