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Safe Handling of Winches and Lifting Equipment Course

Course Description: This course has been specifically designed for the fishing industry. We offer a one day course for crew which we named the ‘Operators Course’,  which covers every aspect of safe handling of winches, derricks, cranes, triplex, gantries, stackers, fish pumps, stacking, anchoring, mooring, snap back zones and more. We end the day with a practical visual inspection of this type of equipment. As an extension, a two day course for officers follows, which is called the ‘Supervisors Course’. The Supervisors Course covers the same training as the Operators Course on the first day, but on day two, learners are taught how to incorporate checklists and visual inspections, plus general maintenance on this type of equipment.

Duration: 1Day (Crew); 2 Days (Officers)

Entry Requirements: None

Learning Objectives: International benchmarks indicate that the learner should have the following knowledge and practical skills at the end of the course:

  • Identify and explain the application of winches
  • Prepare to lift and move a complex load
  • Use a winch to lift and move a complex load
  • Maintain, carefor and store equipment
  • Operate complex equipment under various weather conditions

Additional Requirements: Min of 5 learners. We include a light lunch with this course.

Accreditation: Benchmarked to international standards.

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Lifting Equipment and Winches on Vessels are dangerous if not used correctly

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