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Maritime Training in South Africa

Sea Safety Training Group (Pty) Ltd, better known as SSTG, is a SAMSA Accredited Training Organisation offering STCW approved Maritime Training Courses. SSTG have five accredited training centre’s located near South Africa’s most prominent ports. You can find us in Cape Town (Head Office), St Helena Bay, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay (Satellite centre) and Durban (Satellite centre).

Accredited Training, STCW Courses, Fire, Safety and Survival Skills

SSTG is the largest provider of accredited maritime training courses in South Africa and a leader in the field of utilising technology and innovative methods to facilitate this training. With a team of industry experts facilitating our courses and training centres located across South Africa, SSTG is able to exceed the demands of the industry and are reputed as industry leaders by employers and stakeholders alike.

Considering A Career at Sea

Entering the Maritime Industry for a Career at Sea is relatively simple, but you should have a decent understanding of the types of vessels that operate within our waters and what jobs are available on each. Vessels are grouped in general categories in alignment with the tasks they fulfill. Different Vessels require different crew performing different functions and as an Entry point to a Career at Sea you need to have some idea of the job requirements and the entry-level requirements to choose the correct career path.

SSTG Can Help You Choose the Path Right for You!

Maritime Career Routes


Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch (OOW)

Master Port Operations Master < 500GT Master Near Coastal < 500GT

Mate < 500GT Mate Near Coastal < 500GT

Master < 200GT Master Near Coastal < 200GT Skipper Port Operations

Unlimited Waters Command Skipper Fishing Deck Deck Officer Fishing


Officer in Charge of Engineering Watch (EOW)

Marine Motorman Higher Grade (MM HG)

Marine Motorman Grade 1 (MM1)

Marine Motorman Grade 2 (MM2)


AB Deck
AB Engine
Efficient Cook


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