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Able Seafarer Learnership in St Helena Bay, South Africa

Are you looking to advance your career in the local maritime industry? SSTG has space available for candidates in our Able Seafarer Learnership Programme, which is currently being held in St. Helena Bay, South Africa. This is a career opportunity second to none, as learners will be trained and qualified (SAMSA Accredited) in a real world environment as Able Seafarers.

Full Learnership Programme for Able Seafarers

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What does an Able Seafarer Learnership entail?

Approved Learners are taught advanced techniques about working on board different vessel types, their various parts, and the maintenance of these vessels and/or parts. Rope, Wire Skills, Safety Procedures, Protective Equipment and Emergency Drills are some of the skills covered in great detail in this programme.

Overall, an Able Seafarer learnership is a learning programme that leads to an occupational or professional NQF qualification, with a strong emphasis on workplace (on-the-job) learning and experience. The biggest hurdle for candidates entering most industries today is either a lack of experience or unrecognized qualifications. With the Able Seafarer Learnership programme you get both.

Features of the Learnership Programme

  • The applicants will go through a strict selection process before being accepted into the learnership.
  • A formal learning contract exists between the employer, the learner and training provider, to ensure that all parties know what their responsibilities are, and to make sure that they stick to the learnership implementation timelines.
  • The learning achievements are formally assessed by an accredited skills development provider / assessor:

SSTG will examine you throughout the theoretical and practical training phase, and you will be required to write an exam after each course. You will then attend the sea time during which a sea book and training record book will be completed to prove that you have finalised the sea time prescribed by SAMSA. Thereafter, you will be prepared for and required to undertake the SAMSA oral examination.

  • It includes a supervised and structured learning approach that has a combination of theoretical and workplace learning:
    Training will be done by SSTG over at least 2 - 3 months (depending on your prior sea time and training that you’ve attended). Sea service will be 14 months:  2 months for the Ordinary Seafarer and 12 months for the Able Seafarer on the accelerated training programme.

Able Seafarer Training involves both theory and practical training, inclusive of the sea-time component. Due to the nature and duration of this Learnership Programme, it is preferred that applicants reside in the local St. Helena Bay area, ensuring your availability to attend training and time spent at sea, as required.

Minimum Requirements for Candidates:

  • Employment status (proof of employment/unemployment required)
  • At least 18 years old
  • Grade 10 or equivalent qualification with Mathematics and Physical Science
  • English proficiency
  • Ideal candidates will have Ordinary Seafarer certificate of competence, and associated sea time (Seaman’s Book), or be working towards an Ordinary Seafarer
  • Valid SAMSA approved medical certificate
  • Male and Female candidates are welcome to apply
  • Small scale fisheries are welcome to apply
  • All learners MUST attend at least 95% of theoretical classes at the SSTG St Helena Bay
  • All learners MUST undertake sea time as and when required
  • All learners MUST complete the entire learnership

What will I get after completion of the Learnership Programme?

If the learnership is completed successfully, candidate will obtain a recognized qualification accredited by SAMSA in terms of STCW 78 as amended in 2010 with the Manila amendments. This is an internationally recogonised qualification, backed by the experience you gained whilst undergoing training...

Who Can Apply for the Learnership Programme?

Overall we can accommodate a maximum of 100x Learners, but this is Space is limited, and candidates wishing to apply need to meet all the requirements mentioned above, and be able to commit to this programme for the full duration; being 12x Months. Openings are available to:

  • 20x Candidates with an employment status: Un-Employed
  • 80x Candidates with an employment status: Employed

Proof-of-Employment Status is required such as letter of employment, stating your employment number and the job that you do.

How to apply for an Able Seafarer Learnership

If you meet the minimum requirements, listed above, you can send your curriculum vitae and a certified copy of your ID to info@sstg.co.za before 15 March 2016.You will go through a selection process prior to starting the Learnership on 1 April 2016.

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