Dillon Jonas Aged 24, resident of Ravenead (Cape Town).

In April 2017 Dillon was retrenched from his work at Oceana as a second cook on pelagic boat.
He had saved up money and decided to invest in himself by undertaking the Efficient Cook course at SSTG in St Helena Bay because he has a passion for food and thought he needed to complete this course for him to get employment again.

While completing the Efficient cook course, the SSTG Facilitator sat down with him and discussed his future options and Dillon mentioned that he still needed to complete his basic STCW training courses, so SSTG decided to sponsor him with these courses to enable him to go to sea.

In September 2017 SSTG was approached to place an Efficient Cook on an OMS Vessels in PE.  SSTG contacted Dillion and asked if he would be interested.  He was very eager and grabbed the opportunity with both hands and proved to OMS what he was capable of, so they invited him to join another trip in December. After that trip, the permanent employee returned and Dillion found himself unemployed again, but word got around and he never gave up.

Two weeks ago, Dillon received a call back for employment from Protea Maritime Service serving as a second cook onboard their vessel, so Dillon is currently back at SSTG completing the Security Awareness course needed to join Protea Maritime Service’s vessel.

SSTG Would like to thank Dillon for his hard work and dedication, and we want to recognise his motivation to never give up and grab any opportunity that came up with both hands.

We are very proud to have played a part in his career journey and know he will make a great success of it!

Once he has completed his required sea time SSTG will assist him to qualify and apply for his Efficient Cook COC with SAMSA.