Thank you to our Customers and Staff.

Once again another year has come and gone and we find ourselves at the start of 2016, looking back at 2015. SSTG would like to thank all our committed customers throughout the years for your continued support. We could never have built this company without your support, and we would really like to express our sincerest appreciation.

2015 has been wonderful for us, and I do have to take the time to thank each and every one of our employees for their dedication to the company and brand. The service supplied to you, our clients, are because of their hard work.

We have grown to five branches in 2015 (St Helena bay, Port Elizabeth (Mandela Bay), Mossel Bay, Durban and now also Cape Town). We have added 15 new accreditations including all the Master Near Coastal courses. We have submitted, and are awaiting accreditation for all new Fishermen qualifications, and Engineering qualification early in 2016 which will be in line with STCW-F. We have expanded our Risk division with Safety Management Systems for under 25GT and over 25GT vessels, as well as detailed compliance audits. This division has some exciting new additions planned for 2016. We launched FLAGS (Fleet Legislative Alert and Guidance System) after working on it for two years, which is an advanced e-mail notification system to help allocating tasks and keeping track of expiry dates. We have added a whole new Crew Resource Management section in our company, to help manage your training needs. We have continued with our Safety and Fire Watch division, servicing local as well as international needs in providing asset protection during maintenance.  During 2016 we will also be getting involved at grassroots level with the offering of a Qualifications Development Facilitator (QDF) service to the Maritime industry.

We are in process of upgrading our facilities and would like to invite you to come join us for a friendly visit and coffee this year.

We trust that we can continuously better our service, and that you can enjoy our new customer orientated approach in 2016. Expect to see much more of us and allow us to assist in any way possible.

From me, thanks to everyone, be safe and let me kick-start this year with this thought.

It is not about us and not about a company. It is about the hundreds of lives we can change through our actions. With each centre we want to change lives because we were there.

 – Leon