Managing Maritime Risk On and Off-Shore

The Maritime Industry comes with it’s fair share of risks, incidents and accidents. Non-compliance to legislation also comes at a cost, be it financial or at the expense of your employees (crews) health and well-being. Due to the diversity of risks in the maritime industry, SSTG created it’s Risk Division to assist maritime operators (our clients) to manage these risks effectively, be it through training, on-site support and/or risk monitoring solutions.

Our Risk Division Comprises 4 Sections

1. Customised Safety Management Systems

Our customised Safety Management System (SMS) is based on current legislation, and helps the employer to empower his crew to safely operate the vessels under their control effectively. The SMS provides much needed policies and procedures coupled with custom checklists, which ensure the crew have everything they need for the safe and effective operation of the vessel(s). In the design phase of your customised SMS, we consult with your management team and discuss your existing system, incorporating as much of it as possible. We assess your system, adjusting and including systems that we feel will make for a safer environment for you, your crew and your specific vessel.  After the design phase has been been finalised and agreed upon by you and your team, we train your staff (crew) and implement your customised Safety Management System. Where necessary, adjustments are made, and we ensure that we leave you with a working SMS and crew members that are equipped to carry it out.

2. Compliance Audits

The next section of our Risk Division concentrates on Compliance Audits. Our Compliance Audits are in-depth vessel surveys which focus on exposing all the areas of concern (risk) on your vessel(s). The Vessel Risk Audit Report consists of 2 parts:

  • Physical Safety
  • Administrative Safety

These Risk Reports are submitted in duplicate; one for the executive team and one for the operational team. It includes full photographic evidence and explanatory reports. The operational reports are very useful to fleet managers and masters, as it ensures that they have a list of defects which require attention. Each point on the Risk Report is supported with the current legislation requirements, making it clearly understood. These audits can also be used to measure the level of implementation of the above mentioned SMS, where applicable. We have a number of clients not using our SMS, but still make use of our Compliance Audits to evaluate their vessels and meet the requirements of both SAMSA and the Insurance Standards.

3. Consultancy

Our Consultancy Service is available to assist with any risk related enquiries, from Inspections to drafting Emergency Response Plans and/or Safe Operating Procedures. If you need guidance on a specific safety situation, our highly qualified consultants can assist. Our Risk Division is very knowledgeable when it comes to both local and international Maritime Legislation, particularly where it involves risk, accidents or incidents.

Did You know:
SSTG’s Risk Division is currently assisting St Helena Island with their maritime affairs.


The latest addition to our Risk Service is our Fleet Legislative Alert and Guidance System (known as FLAGS). This is an online browser based proactive email notification system with built in security measures. FLAGS allows you to keep track of any expiry date, making sure that your vessels are safely manned; ensuring that all crew stays certified; allocating tasks with set deadlines and ensuring that all of these tasks are done on time. If the outstanding tasks do not receive prompt attention, the system will automatically generate an email notifying you and the responsible person(s) of the upcoming duty or task. Per Vessel, FLAGS also keeps track of crew lists and trips, engine hours and much more. Within the systems repost section it is easy to gather reports on various components, specific persons and their certifications validity (per certificate). Even historical data or future early warning spreadsheets of what is about to expire is tracked. FLAGS is so versatile that we make use of it in-house to keep track of meetings, expiry dates and allocated duties.

Conclusion: Our Maritime Risk Division comprises highly skilled members who are continually kept abreast of any changes in local and international maritime law. Furthermore members know how to identify and manage areas of risk and how to compile risks audits according to SAMSA & Insurance standards, making this service offering of extreme value to you and your business. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

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