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Fishing Industry Career and Crew Development

Program Description: With the growing needs in the Fishing Industry to produce a highly skilled and certified crew members, it has not only become difficult to source these learners, but expensive as well.

Service Objective: Sea Safety Training Group (Pty) Ltd is constantly seeking for new initiatives to help develop, advance  and uplift the community and would therefore like to introduce the new Career Development Program, from now on known as the CDP.

Not only are we in a phase where fishing companies are now the employers of the crew and should provide the vessel with any replacement crew, but we are also faced with changing standards and legislation. We are well aware of the fact that not everybody can work at sea and therefore we have come up with this Training Initiative.

Sea Safety Training Group (Pty) Ltd will develop a specific training program for new learners wishing to work at sea. We will source new learners, and start with the training process. Prospective crew will advance from one level to the next with the training and sea service required for every level. We will monitor the progress of each learner, and offer further training where needed.

On demand, the learners will be posted where required on board vessels to serve as crew members or officers for as long as needed to complete their Sea Service requirement. For Learners whom we do not find temporary employment opportunities, we want to offer them to companies on a funded program, to allow them to sail during experiential training on board these vessels to obtain the necessary experience and competency levels.

After a company has requested a certain learner for a number of times, and the Skipper is satisfied with his performance, that company shall have the option to offer this learner permanent employment.

Learners not finding immediate permanent employment will remain part of the program, and continue with studies. In the fishing industry a huge demand currently exists for qualified Ordinary and Able Seafarers in the Engine room and Deck department, and we offer a perfect opportunity to enhance the skills level with this structured program. Efficient cooks are another area where we lack skills of certified Ratings.

In this way we will be able to limit company’s training costs and have appropriately trained crew available when required.  If the company is satisfied, they will have the opportunity to offer permanent employment.

This program will motivate each learner to perform to the best of his abilities, to be noticed by Skippers and then possibly be offered a permanent position.

We have to emphasize that this program is not possible without the assistance of the Skippers. Each crewmember posted will have to bring back an evaluation sheet that the Skipper must complete.

We ask that the Skipper not be negative towards those that struggle, but rather use the sheet to indicate to the training centre where this learner needs further training. SSTG will then assist, being guided by the evaluation sheets, until such learner are ready for permanent employment.

SSTG believe this will be a perfect route for new crew members. SSTG will train them in a structured way to become competent.  Companies do not have to spend the initial training cost on a potential learner that might be unsuccessful, and will always have the option to offer permanent employment. SSTG will allow companies to nominate new learners at any level to form part of the training program.


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