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Developing Small Scale Fisheries in our Local Communities

Program Description: In the last few  years we have had an increase in small vessel accidents and fatalities. Marine Notice No 1 of 2015 outlines the causes and spread of fatalities in the Local communities over the last few years. In 2015, since the Marine Notice we have seen 5 more fatalities just on the West, Coast where small vessels were involved.

It has become so easy for ordinary people with limited knowledge to obtain a Skipper qualification in 1 or 2 days and head out to sea in search of a livelihood. It has been proven that this limited training often leaves the small scale fisherman in a desperate situation, not knowing what to do. Driven by hunger and the need to provide for his family, will venture into the unknown searching for the next meal on the table.

The Department of Forestry and Agriculture (DAFF) has seen this need in the local communities and are planning to allocate quotas to communities to help them grow into sustainable small scale fishing right holders. It is a great concern of DAFF and elderly community members that these allocated quotas be properly managed to ensure that this becomes an initiative that works.

SSTG has been approached by the local community leaders to assist in educating the people, and to empower them to operate and manage their own businesses.

This program is aimed at Community Development, and the Small Scale Fishermen.

The main objective(s) of the project: To assist Small Scale Fisheries to acquire the relevant maritime competencies to be able to receive Certificates of Competency from SAMSA.  A further objective is to assist the various individuals with foundational competencies such as basic communication, fundamental financial skills, basic problem solving and management skills, and others.

The purpose of the learnership implementation is:

  • To assist School Leavers to enter the Maritime industry.
  • To align to the remit of Operation Phakisa which clearly aims to accelerate learning and job creation within the maritime industry.
  • To upskill the community and help the Industry achieve Minimum Safe Manning standards.
  • To ensure increased workplace competence through innovative and world-class learning.

Additional Requirements: We include a light lunch with this course.

Accreditation: None

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