2016 SA Maritime Awards Newcomer in Maritime Award Winner:
Sea Safety Training Group (Pty) Ltd

When Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon, the world gasped and the slogan: ‘One step for man, one giant leap for mankind’ was born. The story of Sea Safety Training Group (SSTG) isn’t dissimilar to this – the Group started with one man’s dream of making Maritime Training (especially SAMSA approved courses) more accessible to all, of providing communities with positive income generating opportunities and supporting organisations with onsite ‘Fire Watch Services’ to ensure the safety of crew during potentially dangerous and highly hazardous situations.


Responding to industry need, SSTG then developed customised safety mechanisms for use on-board vessels, such as their ‘Safety Management System (SMS)’ and ‘Safety Audit Service’. They further extended their services to include the web-based ‘Fleet Legislative Alert Guidance System (FLAGS)’ which enables any maritime organisation to ensure legislative compliance, inclusive of an early warning system for the updating of certificates of competence and ensuring minimum crew requirements are met (as per the Manilla requirements). SSTG’s Services also include a ‘Task and Operations Management System (TOM)’ which assists managers, across the board, in tracking the tasks allocated to various staff members, in line with operational and activity plans. The TOM system will also be very helpful in assessing staff performance and determining their skills gaps.

Commencing early 2016, SSTG also introduced a ‘Qualifications Development Facilitator Service’ which allows us direct involvement at grassroots level qualifications development – engaging with the Captains of Industry to guide curriculum development for Fishing, Deck, Engineering, Master Coastal and the wider Maritime Industry as a whole. We have ventured across borders to support the St Helena Island Government with developing a legislative platform for seafarers, and a competency framework to support their development. SSTG is also the first Maritime training organisation to enter into a public private partnership with a TVET College as part of a pilot programme to extend access to the Able Seafarer qualification. Our Crew Resource Management Service is currently supporting the learners involved in 260 Teta funded skills programmes and 100 learnerships, which includes an additional 70 learners from various organisations.

The nomination as ‘Newcomer in Maritime’ by the SA Maritime Awards 2016 came as a stupendous surprise and having won the category, is indeed a great honour. It is with humility that Leon Mouton, SSTGs Group CEO, accepted the award, thanking his peers for their recognition, his team and colleagues for their hard work and long hours, and promising continued commitment to investing in the Maritime Industry through high quality products and services.

This is only one of a hundred reasons why you should trust SSTG with your Maritime Training and Services.